Designing The Future Of Retail

Traditional retail is absolutely undergoing a seismic transformation. In fact, leading brands and merchants have an immediate need to expand their offerings through a focused multi channel strategy that can maximize revenue per dollar. The retailers that are surviving and thriving are those that are embracing cutting-edge technology to transform the in-store and online experiences. Omnyway is partnering with these retailers to help 'Design The Future of Retail'.

This startup is betting its software can help brick and mortar retailers compete with giants like Amazon

Meet Our Team

The Omnyway team has seen it all.  From creating the first Point of Sale systems in the world to introducing the first mobile payments solutions to creating the first online to offline attribution platforms, members of the Omnyway team were there, spearheading these developments.  With a deep expertise in Payments, Retail, eCommerce, Targeted Marketing, Mobile, Security and Cloud - we have created a company that takes on the toughest challenges in Retail.
Ashok Narasimhan
Mohammad Khan
Amitaabh Malhotra
Bill Melton
Chief Strategy Officer
Robert Berger
 Mike Long
Chris Nelson
Chief Security Officer
Laura Giddings
SVP Products
Aiko Fushida
SVP Account Management
Swabha Kumar
Director QA
Nisha Kannoth
Satya Mallya
SVP Customer Solutions
Cameron Kurtz
Director Business Development
Isaac Praveen
Mike Delagrange
SVP Business Development
Marius Ducea
Tianhao Wu
Market Development
Ram Krishnan
Director Engineering
Mike Miller
Jessica Wu
Visual Design

Really successful companies have great people and leverage them extremely well. An 'A' player is worth ten 'B's, so don't compromise.

Ashok Narasimhan
CEO, Omnyway
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