Winning With Social Commerce

Today’s shoppers want seamless payment experiences, whether that’s paying back a friend with a few taps on a smartphone or avoiding a checkout line by paying via mobile. Beyond convenience, retailers are increasingly exploring social platforms, as people already spend a substantial portion of their device time on them and make purchasing decisions based on peer feedback — which quickly translates to social platforms becoming payment vehicles for users.

A great example is China’s WeChat, which combines official retailer accounts that act as user interaction points and brand extensions, and also includes a full suite of payment services through WeChat Pay. It is expected that social platforms in the rest of the world will try to emulate such functions and open up a new form of engagement for brands and retailers.

Introducing HaiWai

HaiWai (Mandarin for Overseas) is a new service from Omnyway that creates a relationship between luxury brands and Chinese shoppers over the WeChat platform.  Through the HaiWai Official Account on WeChat, Luxury retailers in the US are able to promote their brands in an easy to understand interface.  In addition, HaiWai allows for In Store purchases using the most popular payment method in China - WeChat Pay.  The patented HaiWai solution requires no change on the merchants Hardware or Software, and stores can start accepting WeChat Pay as a new payment mechanism immediately.
WeChat Presence
Rapidly create a presence on WeChat with its 1B active users
Brand Listing
List your brand within the HaiWai interface
Brand Details
Provide details of products and brands on your dedicated Detail Page
WeChat Pay
Accept WeChat Pay just like you would accept any other US issued credit card
Targeted Marketing
Create targeted campaigns based on user profiles and location
Rapid Deployment
No hassle deployment with no changes required to HW, SW or POS

Target Chinese Shoppers

Chinese luxury shoppers are taking over the world with an insatiable appetite for branded goods and experiences.  Coupled with the increasing spending power of the Chinese middle class, and their affinity for travel to foreign destinations, make them the ideal choice for luxury brands and boutiques to target.
Chinese Visitors to US Annually 
Retail Spend By Chinese Visitors In US Stores
Mobile Payment Users

The Power Of WeChat

With 1 Billion Monthly Active Users, WeChat has the highest level of engagement for a social platform globally, with the average user spending close to 2.5 hours on the platform a day.  WeChat is considered a super app, and offers a wide variety of services ranging from social media to gaming to wealth management and payments.  Omnyway has partnered with WeChat and its parent Tencent to bring these capabilities to the US allowing retailers to offer similar powerful and engaging services over a social media platform.
Shoppers Getting Fashion Info From WeChat
Luxury Purchases Influenced By WeChat
Luxury Purchases Decision Made On Day Of Purchase

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