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Serverlss Fullstack with Amplified CLOJURE[SCRIPT]

SERVERLESS FULLSTACK WITH AMPLIFIED CLOJURE[SCRIPT] December 4th, 2020 Omnyway CTO Robert Berger and Omnyway DevOps Lead Isaac Praveen present the fast track to developing a livestream commerce solution using Clojure/Clojurescript and AWS Amplify at the 2020 re:Clojure conference The Talk The Age of Coronavirus hit Omnyway hard. Our customer base, brick and mortar luxury retailers, […]

AWS Amplify and Clojurescript Re-Frame Part 2: Deploy to Production Cloudfront

Introduction Note: The previous article Add Serverless AWS Amplify Authentication to a Clojurescript Re-Frame App and this current article are based on branch basic-amplify-with-cloudfront of the omnyway-labs/amplify_cljs_example repo Now that our Re-Frame app is running, let’s deploy it to “production” on AWS Cloudfront using Amplify Console. The Amplify Console allows you to do a CI […]

Omnyway CTO Robert Berger Discusses Cloud Security – Don’t Miss This Webinar

A CTO’s Guide to Serverless Cloud Security, Agile DevOps, and Automated Compliance on AWS Serverless architectures for flexible, continuous delivery in cloud environments have significantly increased in popularity. And while the benefits of a serverless architecture are significant, the new application paradigm changes how companies need to approach Security, DevOps, and Regulatory Compliance in the […]