Omnyway CTO Robert Berger Discusses Cloud Security – Don’t Miss This Webinar

A CTO’s Guide to Serverless Cloud Security, Agile DevOps, and Automated Compliance on AWS

Serverless architectures for flexible, continuous delivery in cloud environments have significantly increased in popularity. And while the benefits of a serverless architecture are significant, the new application paradigm changes how companies need to approach Security, DevOps, and Regulatory Compliance in the cloud.

Join Robert Berger, CTO & SVP Engineering at Omnyway, and Patrick Pushor, Director of Sales Engineering at Dome9 as we discuss the key considerations in moving to a serverless cloud and the use of microservices to deliver robust cloud security.

In this webinar you will learn:

• How to overcome the challenge of scaling in the cloud without losing visibility of your network topology and cloud assets
• How to implement serverless security without slowing down DevOps
• How to use automation to maintain continuous compliance and enforce robust security

We will present how Omnyway uses the Dome9 Arc platform for powerful infrastructure visibility, agile DevOps and automated continuous compliance to deliver a cloud-native, dynamic, digital shopping experience for its customers.