The OMNYWAY PLATFORM empowers retailers, banks and brands to build a contextual digital commerce ecosystem that encourages shoppers to use their mobile phone for all aspects of their buying journey. THE PLATFORM creates a dynamic digital channel between the retailer and the shopper across all channels of interaction - in store, online, in-app, virtual aisle and dynamic media, using any smart mobile device. The white label PLATFORM augments existing legacy back end systems and integrates into existing mobile apps in order to provide a personalized experience to shoppers - one that leads to greater loyalty and increases revenue.


Omnyway is proud to partner with Kohl's Department Stores by powering Kohl's Pay - the highly acclaimed In Store Rich Checkout solution now available to all Kohl's Charge Card shoppers in Kohl's Stores nationwide.

Launched in 2016, Kohl's Pay showcases the power of Omnyway's Platform in action, and how it can enhance In Store experiences.
Kohl's Stores
Kohl's Card Holders
unify all channels
Make the lines between online and offline channels disappear.  Ensure branded experiences are consistent in all channels
In Store
Connect disparate store systems to a unified platform while minimizing integration time
Combine In Store and Online experiences for a unified brand offering
In Ads
Maximize revenue from ad placements across multiple channels by optimizing conversions
Across Social Media
Expand brand to high engagement social media platforms and combine it with other store systems
Designed with mobile commerce from the ground up, the Omnyway Platforms allows retailers to take away physical commerce restrictions as they design mobility based use cases
Leverage Your App
Offer new experiences and functions through existing retailer apps and expand to third party apps
Check In to Check Out
Use the capabilities of modern mobile devices to authenticate shoppers and personalize experiences
Mobile Payment
Implement mobile payment and rich checkout without any changes at the POS
Social First
Create new user acquisition and attribution channels using Social Commerce
Convert your physical stores into shopper experience zone, and use digital technologies to showcase the best engagement experiences you can imagine.
Create a digital engagement strategy that combines online with brick and mortar through the use of smart devices
Create multi dimensional loyalty and promotional programs to get retain shoppers and attract new ones
Create new mediums of interaction with shoppers while tracking channel efficiency and reach
Create new experiences across multiple digital and physical media channels
Rapidly deploy and test user flows and shopper journeys while reducing the overall operating costs and enhancing revenue potential.
Optimize Payments
Steer shoppers to lower cost payment options while retaining a seamless checkout experience
Virtual Aisles
Combine online and in store inventories to create unified carts and reduce store footprint
Smart Stores
Introduce new smart store service such as self checkout, order ahead and shopper behavior tracking
Streamline Operations
Reduce checkout time, improve associate efficiency and optimize store inventory


100% AWS Cloud Native
Infrastructure as Code.  Everything runs on AWS cloud in multiple regions. Full automated and software configurable. Looks like an "Infinite Sea of Resources" for deployment
Message Based Distributed Micro-Services
Polymorphous platform with Message/Actor based Event Processing Framework. Abstracted Services and APIs. Delivers Scalability, Adaptability, Flexibility and Speed to Market.
External Services Adapters
Services defined by abstract message based APIs and implemented as Adapters. Adapter implemented by partners, customers or Omnyway
ORPHEUS Event Processing System
Message passing framework for distributed micro-services. Compose components dynamically without code. Orthogonal Middlewares and Agnostic Scalable Transport
REST and WebSocket API
API is primarily synchronous REST. WebSockets enable realtime bidirectional updates and event monitoring. Core SDK auto generated from internal DSL
Single distributed infrastructure for all customers with Independent Keys for each merchant allowing for data isolation.  Supports many forms of organizational structure
Geographically distributed with sticky Geo-IP based Load Balancing.  Seamless Region Failover.  Each Regional Cluster with 3 Availability Zones
CloudHSM Encrypted Vault
Tamper resistant generation & storage of encryption keys. Crypto Acceleration using HSM in the Cloud. Isolated secure operations.
Agile DevOps
Kanban Process with Git Workflow.  Continuous Integration and Delivery at the Core
The Secret Weapon. Dynamic yet highly performant. Immutability and concurrency focused. JVM Ecosystem that easily leverages existing libraries.
Domain Specific Languages
Reflects the Domain being addressed allowing non programmers to specify actions/behaviors of services.  Omnyway IDE consumes and produces DSLs. 
Automated Code Generation
Generate code from a GUI/Web Interface. Create Rules for offer and payment combinations as well as various shopper behaviors
“Kohl’s Pay is unlike any other mobile payment solution because it integrates our private label card — Kohl’s Charge — and the savings that customers love and expect from Kohl’s including Kohl’s Cash, Yes2You Rewards and other savings offers. We are redefining convenience for our customers by taking the value and convenience that customers already love about Kohl’s and bringing it together in mobile.”
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