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OmnyPay launches omnichannel mobile payments solution

As featured in THE PAYPERS on Wednesday 28 October 2015 The key features of the OmnyPay solution include integrated payment and loyalty platform, which allows retailers to create their own “retailer currency”, integrating directly into their existing rewards, loyalty and promotional programs. Promotions are automatically delivered to the mobile app, and seamlessly applied at the […]

OmnyPay wants to disintermediate the payment providers. Has it got a chance?

As featured in COMPUTERWORLD on October 27th, 2015. By Ben Kepes, star Thought Leader, Computerworld No one really likes credit card companies, but retailer have little option but to pay their mafia-like fees. OmnyPay thinks it has another option. [NOTE OMNYWAY WAS PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS OMNYPAY] Retailers have a traditionally bristly relationship with credit and bank card companies. These […]