OmnyPay launches omnichannel mobile payments solution

As featured in THE PAYPERS on Wednesday 28 October 2015

The key features of the OmnyPay solution include integrated payment and loyalty platform, which allows retailers to create their own “retailer currency”, integrating directly into their existing rewards, loyalty and promotional programs. Promotions are automatically delivered to the mobile app, and seamlessly applied at the point of payment, eliminating the need to carry or scan coupons, vouchers, or reward cards.

Also, the solution offers omnichannel functionalities so that retailers can accept payments across all channels such as in physical stores (whether NFC or non-NFC), ecommerce sites and in-app, with no additional POS equipment required.

Furthermore, the omnichannel solution allows customers to choose between store cards, private-label credit cards, debit cards, credit cards and ACH (automated clearing house).

In addition to all these features, Omnypay include end-to-end tokenized-HCE solution and private-label offering, which means that the retailer brand – not the credit card provider – is front-and-center throughout the payment process.

The new solution works across all iOS and Android devices, and across all shopping channels.

OmnyPay is headquartered in the US and is led by former Verifone, Wipro, ViVOtech, and Runa executives.